Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Tales of a Maintenance Man #67

The mighty hunters gather around, bewildered and awe struck -
Staring at the autonomous beast before them, trying to awaken the colossus from his slumber.
Confusion sets in, ideas thrown around - What is it waiting for? What does it need?
They pickup the handheld HMI and a try to decipher the text before them,
A consensus is thus formed that they, no it! May need a higher being
to command it to come to life, and provide them their daily provisions.
Some say a offering of goods,
The extremists say a ritual sacrifice,
The liberals want to pull the plug and raise the taxes -

NAY! To all of you I say:
"Do not panic, your chieftain has arrived!"
I unlatch the door to the metal enclosure the locals have surrounded it,
And I point out those closest to me the crudely made sign telling them to:
"Get back! Danger may befall upon to all yee who enter here"
I step in and a rush of air expels around me and I yell to the one armed beast "EASY BIG FELLA!"
Slowly I approach it one step, then another before carefully stretching out my hand -
Like one extends a hand to a stray dog,
And carefully pull the contracted bright red estop
Before I slink back the path I came in on
and seal the secured prison door
then push reset.

Nothing more
nothing less.