Monday, 23 April 2018

Welcome! To The Show.

Come in !
Welcome! To the show.
want to
be a part of this
wired online of creation
following the lives of the
fortunate and the famous
All you have to do is step out on the stage I laid before you,
Come on in and join us
Go ahead and scroll to the bottom
Click on that box you see at the end of the legal documents
Signing us on over 
all of your personal information
We now control your history, your contacts, and your pictures
Yes! Your posted thoughts right now
are gathering up a data matrix on you
so we can sell it to
the highest of all retail bidders -
networking your family
and friends and all who came before you
to steam line our new ad campaigns
getting you to buy into
our newest of creation
leading you on to think
Your thoughts are of your own conjecture
I will tell you this my friend
You cannot escape
your own digital fingerprint
that we now possess and exploit as we please
Everyone welcome our newest member,
our puppet and our pawn,
Come in!
Welcome! To the show. 

Sunday, 15 April 2018

It's Balloon

Come float on down children
Follow the red balloon
Fear and Life as you know it  
Will be over soon

Sparkle On Wayward Stars

Stars                     illuminate       night
         scintillating                  the           sky
Amongst heavenly bodies formulate geometric shapes across constellations
Filter through mine naked eyes surveying our celestial sphere
Watching as repeated patterns transmit an astral Morse code
Navigating extraterrestrial life towards the Milky Way
Ultimately making first contact -
The Universe is calling,
Are we ready to pick up?

Friday, 6 April 2018

Hollow Prophecy

I will lead you will follow
follow me into the hollow
hollow words coming from Apollo
Apollo speaks: so you will swallow
swallow his words or to the gallows
gallows where your widow wallows.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Drop Doze Dream

last call!
someone whispers
standing ovation - for Me?
no wait -
feel head
getting heavy
pulling down 
100 lbs?
or was it 200 lbs?
mind muzzled  
clouded thoughts
start to cumulus,
no wait - 
Heh, it rhymes
I drop offffzzzz...
A sweet sense of serenity as I feel the wind in my hair flowing past my lifeless body
falling down
ears ringing...
no wait -
The Sudden authoritative impact of a ruler slapped beside my face
jolted me awake
just long enough
have a  

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Black Velvet Desire

As I enter the doorway,
Auditory perception quickly catches the vocals of Eartha Kitt singing “Santa Baby” down the hall,
Just as the olfactory organs catch the scent of Pink Sugar by Sephora,
Whisks away my senses on a journey down the hall filling them full of euphoria and delight, 
Landing in a bedroom lit by draped lampshades and flickering candlelight,
Bouncing off the most ravishing, statuesque figure these hazel eyes have ever witnessed -
Trouble focusing on the composition of sheer magnificence of feminine beauty displayed before me,
Increasing my blood flow and causing heart palpitations on the verge of cardiac arrestment.         

Surveillance starts at the Steve Madden noir stilettos fitted on knee high fishnet stockings 
attached delicately by a black bowed garter belt upon legs of silk,
Enhanced by a matching tiny black thong manufactured from lace and string,
Accentuating and magnifying the most perfect derriere god chiseled from marble,
Preceding the outline support of a stenciled and ebony embroidered Victorian corset,
Sculpts an alluring sex appeal that Victoria Secret angels proudly promenade in,  
Supplementing her voluptuous breasts that lustily entices most men to hunger for,
Complimented by a string of lavender pearls upon fresh ivory skin.

Hair of scarlet, soft and lush, Kissed by fire, with loose victory rolls 
cascading down over the shoulders following the curvature of her spine, 
Before settling upon the back cross hatching of the designer corset, Frame kind blue eyes, 
Forged in steel, surrounded by a light dusting of freckles on her milky complexion,
Reflecting a set of luscious lips pursed while applying the shade of crimson sex,
With the help of long opera black velvet gloves adorned by diamond bracelets –
Catches my ecstasy just enough for a wink! Before the stainless embossed pocket mirror snaps shut,
She looks up with the big ruby smile and in a slow, sultry voice says:

“Let the games begin!”

Monday, 2 April 2018

Symbiotic Strangers

Out at night

Strangers stalk

Faceless but exposed

All alone


Completely surrounded

Exposed but faceless

Classmates ignore

In the daytime

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Dad thoughts #1 Bomb Difuser

Being a dad is a tough go in life, you can tell just by asking the wife Ha! Being a dad is like having your own personal paparazzi following you around and commenting about what you’re doing is wrong. Maybe that’s where the name comes from. Razzing papa? I dunno. But what I do know is you have the same tension you get from diffusing a neutron bomb and placing 2 toddler boys within the same vicinity of each other. Both situations require only minutes before one or the other ends up going off. I find distractions only give you minutes of cover before the situation at hand blows up in your face. Sometimes mom ends up being the collateral damage but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. Her obituary could read something like “she was a kind woman, with an intelligent and devilishly handsome husband, (some would say dashing but not in a queer kind of way), a manly man, A man’s man, a man who has been rumored to bench press 800lbs. A husband like no other men before him, leaving behind 2 boys from the loins that represent the combined efforts of Macgyver and Sledge Hammer! (Ah man remember those shows? The 80’s were awesome - they sure don’t make them like that anymore) and 1 beautiful daughter, her cooking will be missed”        

Prologue (It’s been a long time)

So here it begins anew,
Years gone with none too few,
So much time spent lost and unheard,
Not prepared, not one word -
Just when I thought it was the end,
Here upon the page, lain my old friend,
My mind open, renewed, once again.