Sunday, 29 July 2012

So it begins...

        Some nights while the wife is out working her shift on my days off (of course), I sometimes find myself reading up on something I heard about or an idea I had earlier that day. This one day in particular left me reading about car magazine writers. Sounds like fun!  I read how some writers stumble across these jobs, with no journalistic qualifications, get to fly halfway around the globe (free) to drive and review the latest and greatest car on the market. Right. But being a car nut myself tinkering on my cars, and I'm always on multiple car forums, blogs like Speedhunters, I thought I'd give it a go and see what happens.
        The first website looking for writers I came across were into exotics. Now having only seen a few in museums and never actually sat in any I decided the best thing to do was to make fun of them and their poorly designed website. Naturally it promoted a response but not what I thought. They were favorable. So favorably that they were asking for more of my work, schools I went too, journalistic qualifications, etc., etc. Now I have about as much qualifications as writer as I do performing neurosurgery on pygmy monkeys. But fortunately for the monkeys, I have had some published poetry in the past, so the only brain surgery I'll be doing is on my own mind.
        Sadly my inexperience of exotics has curbed my writing career from their web page to this uncharted territory of blogging. It’s too early to say if this a step up or down in the evolution of my writing. Little to me is known about this world and what lies within it. I do know that from the 5 minutes of browsing the interwebs of other bloggers, I realized that they have a nice theme to their blogs - they are about as exciting as shoving sand in my eyes and using rubbing alcohol to wash it out. Sadly this is not what I have expected, but this does provide me with the creative outlet I need to share my thoughts, feelings, ideas, frustrations, things I should say out loud, things I should not say out loud, viewpoints or anything I may or may not be held accountable for.
        Rather limiting myself to one topic, I will be posting anything and everything I feel I need to share. Although I do love certain subjects more than others (cars for example) but I'm always working on poetry, songs, and shit I find funny or interesting. I will try to post at least one thing a week and go from there. Lookout world, Dano is here...


  1. Bryan Galambos29 July 2012 at 22:07

    I look forward to reading. I already know how your mind works and I think this sets up well as a fun weekly item for people with varying interests to follow. Plus I can always use one more item to check on Monday mornings :) Good luck!

  2. Thanks Bryan! I'm setting this up more for creative ideas that I am able to share it with family and friends - once I get the copyright stuff figured out. I'm gonna try to keep it ad free as my goal here is not to make money. I've been developing stories about my past car experiences (seeing how I have a few to choose from), and so far have turned out pretty good so far, so for the first month or so I'll try to produce one each week. Now knowing that you, like most people with regular shifts, catch up Monday mornings, so I'll shoot for having them finished by Sunday night as a goal.

  3. Dude it's Sunday! Waiting..... LoL

  4. lol I know I know - almost finished - will post before I head to bed!


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