Monday, 23 April 2018

Welcome! To The Show.

Come in !
Welcome! To the show.
want to
be a part of this
wired online of creation
following the lives of the
fortunate and the famous
All you have to do is step out on the stage I laid before you,
Come on in and join us
Go ahead and scroll to the bottom
Click on that box you see at the end of the legal documents
Signing us on over 
all of your personal information
We now control your history, your contacts, and your pictures
Yes! Your posted thoughts right now
are gathering up a data matrix on you
so we can sell it to
the highest of all retail bidders -
networking your family
and friends and all who came before you
to steam line our new ad campaigns
getting you to buy into
our newest of creation
leading you on to think
Your thoughts are of your own conjecture
I will tell you this my friend
You cannot escape
your own digital fingerprint
that we now possess and exploit as we please
Everyone welcome our newest member,
our puppet and our pawn,
Come in!
Welcome! To the show. 

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