Sunday, 25 August 2013

Tales of A Maintenance Man #258

So I thought today was gonna be like any other day,
Fix some machines, eat some food, fix more machines, and go home.
Yes, today did start like any other, but wait, what’s this?
A call to the ace room?
Nay I say, the machines up there run like a doozy.
Aie, there was But one machine that did not.
Cryptic she be too the operators that swarmed like
Moths attracted to a flame.
What is this mysterious spell that has fallen upon #4?
We have not seen this before, maybe on goats but not this?
Have their eyes deceived them?
Was it Voodoo?
Alas! It was a box.
A mighty fine beast she was and mustered up a good fight,
But in the end it was just a box.

Nothing more.

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