Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Tales of A Maintenance Man #22

Trapped behind this desk I sit,
The weight of boredom hangs heavy upon my brow,
My eyes drift amongst the sea of black and white lines on the monitor before me,
Obscuring my thoughts on the task at hand.
I have been down this road before - I think.
Or am I thinking about a previous time, about this very exact thing?
When did consciousness and unconsciousness blend into this reality before me?
The 100mg of caffeine guarantees my alertness,
Although I find myself being pulled out of my chair towards the flashing amber lights that are rotating towards me....
I pretend I didn't see him and continue to walk BUT twice as slow,
Only to hear the short vested man pushing the horn button with the force of 12 angry gorillas.
He gestures me to move to the left. I gesture him where to shove it.
He drives by mumbling and cursing, I get written up for expressing myself in a unsafe manner.
I'm written up immediately for the second time for telling them to eat a bag of dicks -
and sent home without pay.

Ah…back to reality.

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