Saturday, 17 June 2017

Tale of a Veiled Backside Bride

Sweaty palms, I stand suited, I stand firm,
Waiting for the church doors to turn, watching for my veiled bride,
Why has she not yet come inside?
The music on the piano starts playing – Pachelbel Canon in D Major,
Why is this song taking forever?
Doors creak open - everyone one turns to see her entrance,
But all we see is white running shoes in the distance.
Nothing but second thoughts made her turn and ran,
Dammit why was I such a fan?
Watching that beautiful sequenced bouncing backside,
Reminded me it was worth the ride…
She may be crazy yet I love her,
How am I going to recover?
And as I watched her beautiful ass get in,
I yelled out to the limo driver –

“Her favorite drink is lemon gin!”

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